Barnes and Noble Nook for developers

This could be interesting. Salon pointed out that the new Nook is really a tablet computer running a super locked-down form of Android.

From their presser: “Barnes & Noble, Inc. (NYSE: BKS), the world’s largest bookseller, today announced NOOKdeveloper, a program that enables content providers and the developer community to deliver new and innovative reading experiences using Barnes & Noble’s open eReading platform. With the new program, Barnes & Noble is inviting content providers and developers to create, market and sell content and applications that enrich, extend and expand reading for millions of Barnes & Noble customers, beginning with the newly announced NOOKcolor, the first full-color touch Reader’s Tablet.”

Content providers and developers can build upon Barnes & Noble’s open eReading ecosystem in a variety of ways, beyond the printed word:

– Enrich book content with reference material, audio, photos, videos, Web links, plug-ins, and more to help readers get more out of their books.

– Extend book content with applications from cooking to travel to science and nature, helping readers further explore their interests.

– Expand beyond reading with word games, puzzles, and more when it’s time to take a break from a favorite book or magazine.

Over the coming weeks, developers will be able to access a software development kit (SDK), tools, documentation, product specifications and marketing resources through a dedicated portal. NOOKdeveloper will also offer developers unprecedented access to a wide variety of content and data through Web APIs. Starting in early 2011, developers will be able to submit their applications for sale to millions of readers.

Developers can learn more about the new program and sign up for NOOKdeveloper at

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