Convert printed book to ebook

Can you convert my printed book to an
eBook for iPad, Kindle, Nook and others

Yes. Minnesota eBooks can convert your printed book to eBook electronic format.

All we need is:

1) You to call us and tell us you’re sending your book. Then snail-mail your book to us at
Minnesota eBooks
PO Box 146, Hudson, WI 54016

2) You to fill out the upload form as if you’re going to upload a PDF or other electronic file, but click the radio button that says, “My book is in print format, and I’m mailing it to you.” When you do this, the form will not ask you to upload an electronic file.

3) That’s it. Note that we might need to cut your book’s pages from its spine, so you should consult us if this is a one-of-a-kind or rare print. The turnaround time for a printed book is longer than for a file submitted in electronic format, and we may need up to 15 business days to convert it.

Note, too, that because we’re converting print there will be a $1.30 per-page upcharge when you make that choice. In rare cases, we will contact you if your book will take more resources to convert than we predict; this is a rarity, however. Cases such as old photo books, how-to manuals, graphic-intensive books take more time because we need to carefully scan and retouch images for the best possible reproduction. Think you might fall into that category? Call us at (651) 204-3753 and we can talk it over.