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eBook Service: Minnesota eBooks charges a reduced fee for conversion, and will distribute your ebook to our partners.

Pricing: $499.00.

Delivery options: Minnesota eBooks will deliver your files to their distribution partners at Apple, Amazon, Google, Sony, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and others. We will collect sales proceeds on your behalf and forward them to you.

Royalty rates: With this plan, the author receives 100% of their royalties after the distributors take their fees. Our distributors take about 30% of your sales proceeds and return to you the remaining 70%. If you choose this option, Minnesota eBooks does not take a cut.

Monthly Payments: If you receive a royalty check that month (as happens with 90% of our authors who have been published for three months or more) you’ll pay a $10 fee because Minnesota eBooks will receive your ebook proceeds and redistribute them to you with a full accounting report on the last day of every month. Checks are sent when your proceeds exceed $100.

Fine Print:If we have to scan your book in from the printed copy, please add $1.30 per page to the price. If you need a children’s book or alternate layout converted to the Apple iPad Fixed Layout model, add $150.


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